Easy Guacamole

Easy Guacamole

Guacamole is easy to make and can be modified to fit your tastes! We love spicy foods. We love biting into a dish and sweating right away from the heat is packs. So into our guacamole, we added a good amount of crushed red pepper and fresh garlic cloves. You can choose to use some roasted garlic cloves to tone down the heat and add a completely different flavor.

Full recipe found at Tasteholics


  • avocados
  • onion
  • tomatoes
  • garlic
  • olive oil
  • lime
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • crushed red pepper
  • parsley
  • cilantro


  • Calories 77
  • Fat 7g
  • Protein 1g
  • Carbs 1g


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