What is Keto?

Simply put, Keto (short for Ketogenic) is a way of eating that focuses on cutting out sugars, carbohydrates, and processed “junk” food and replacing it with better and more wholesome ingredients. If you’re looking for more detailed information on the topic, then here are a few places you can read more:



This is a general subreddit where keto newbies and veterans alike hang out and discuss various keto related topics. Be sure to read the Keto FAQ in the sidebar and the Keto-in-a-Nutshell article. Both are highly informative and full of other resources.


This subreddit focuses primarily on the science of keto. Why it works, how it works, scientific studies and research articles. Great place for people who are looking for in depth information.


This subreddit is dedicated entirely to female ketoers. The female experience of a keto life is going to be a little bit different than that of their male couterparts. Especially in relation to menstruation, pregnancy, nursing, and female-only conditions like PCOS.

Other Articles


This article by Men’s Fitness is pretty detailed and easy to read. It explains a lot about keto and the benefits that go beyond just losing weight.


This website is a great guide on low carb eating in general. Lots of helpful images that give you an idea of what you should and shouldn’t be eating on a low-carb diet.